Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Noah's Latest Development

Noah started pulling himself up a few months ago but lately he's been doing it more and more. Every opportunity he has, he stands. When I load the dishwasher he immediately crawls towards it, rests his hands on the dishwasher's door and up he goes. When I'm cooking he loves to crawl up behind me and use my jeans to stand up. The other day I was wearing pyjamas with a loose elastic waist, that did not bode too well when he tried pulling up LOL. Yesterday we were out looking for a sewing machine. Noah started getting cranky in his stroller so his daddy put him down on the ground and the first thing Noah did was pull himself up.

Here is a photo of him doing just that. He looks like a little man. I love how he has this serious look on his face, as if he's able to read the text on the box.

Here is one of Noah helping momma with the dishes.

And one of Noah helping daddy unpack.

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