Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Room Tour: Noah's Room

Almost a year ago I blogged about painting a tree mural in my son Noah's room. Well, I've finally taken photos of not just the finished mural but also the rest of the space.

With all the possibilities for Noah's room, I really had a hard time honing in on a concept. Shopping one day, I came across a rug (pic above) in neutral colors which tied in nicely with the existing flooring in his room. It had a playful tree bark texture which gave me the idea of incorporating nature and the outdoors. Slowly a concept for the room started to come together.

I specifically wanted a neutral palette so I decided to paint white birch trees on the wall. Using various images of birch trees I found online, I began to paint the walls to resemble a forest (or more like 4 trees because I didn’t want them to dominate the small space). The outcome not only added life to the room, but also gave it a sense of depth, thus helping an otherwise very small area appear larger.

Attempt at panoramic view using my phone so not the best quality picture here

After the paint job was done everything else pretty much fell into place. I dug out the box that housed a moon light fixture which we had bought even before knowing what we were going to do with Noah's room. It was a risk at the time, but it was one of the first things both my husband and I fell in love with for his room during the furniture hunting process.

Love the pop of color from the moon light fixture

I also had a sunburst mirror which I bought on clearance. It kept traveling from one room to another until I saw it was the perfect fit in Noah’s room. We had the moon light fixture installed so why not hang the sunburst mirror to complement it.

The wall accross the tree mural is where his toys are stored.

I sewed black out curtains to hang in front of a glass door in his room (3rd and 4th image from top). To add a playful boyish touch I made tie backs for the curtains out of sisal rope which was inspired by an image of a Pottery Barn tie-back I had seen. I then found a table lamp and a picture frame both of which had the rope detail to coordinate with the curtain tie backs I had made.

Other items I DIY-ed are the bird mobile hanging above the convertible toddler bed, the decorative letter ‘N’ (pic above), the fitted sheets + pillowcases, the bunting flag, the nailhead detail on his tufted arm chair, and of course, the tree mural.

Bird mobile above Noah's Bed. At night it casts shadows on the wall which makes the birds come to life.

The bunting flags are attached to the rope with miniature clothing clips I found for $1 per pack (score!). Using removable clips allows me to change the colors and shapes of the bunting flags any time, in fact at some point I had numbers hanging up.

Even faux nailheads are a challenge to install!

This elephant chime won me over when I first saw it at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.

I thoroughly enjoyed the hands on experience I had with putting Noah’s room together. The most rewarding part for me is that he really loves being in his room.

Some days I find him sitting in bed flipping through his books, other days he is at his toddler desk working on a puzzle or pretending to cook, but most days he is playing on the floor in front of the shelf that stores his favorite toys which are his bulldozers and firetrucks.

And that is the end! Hope you enjoyed this tour. I'd love to hear your comments, thoughts, and/or if you worked on similar DIY projects and how it turned out in your space. I'll also be posting tutorials on some of the things I made so do check back from time to time.


  1. Wow, this is amazing! I love your take on the birch tree mural. And that carpet is the coolest thing I've ever seen! Thanks for sharing!
    Noelle {Priss This}

  2. Beautiful and inspiring, Tata. I ma glad to see you having a blast with your family and your many talents.

    1. Thanks so much, what a pleasant surprise to have you visit my blog :) Keep visiting and hope all is well with you and your NYC family.

  3. Hi Loving the room, would like to know if you made the small chair yourself?
    p.s am loving the chair!

    1. Thank you mimidapi. I purchased the chair but I added the fake nailhead trim all along the edges to give it a masculine sophistication.

  4. Very nice, you should be proud :)) I love the tree very much


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