Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Color me Spring!

Left and right I've been receiving welcome reminders that today marks the first day of Spring. What better way to celebrate and embrace this breath of fresh air than to share my archived inspirational looks from my favorite apparel brand, J Crew.

To help me get through dragged-out winters (like the one we just had), I occasionaly peruse through their monthly catalogs and archive my favorite pairings. I guess you could call it closet therapy. It gives me something to look forward to and takes my mind off the dreary weather. You'll see what I mean in these images.

Some of these outfits below look like candy, in a good way. The colors get my heart pumping for Spring!

Now I personally don't have the courage to walk around wearing hues taken from a bag of Starbust candies, but what I do is take one bold element from the look (a bright color or wild pattern) and pair it with something neutral.

Since I no longer have access to their stores (please go international!), I use their lookbook as a shopping guide. Their styles are refreshing, chic and comfortable, I love the way they use just the right doses of colors, patterns, textures and scale to create bold and unexpected pairings, and the way their styles strike just the right balance of soft and edgy.

One of the trends that started two years ago ago is the denim shirt. Every season it keeps coming back and with that is proving to be a wardrobe staple. I really love it for its versatility and the way J Crew paired it in the images below makes me want one asap (hey at least we know the catalog concept works - it SELLS!).

Unfortunately for me, because of my petite frame I cannot for the love of god seem to find a denim shirt that fits me right - they're either too big on the shoulders, too tight around the mommy belly, or they go down to my knees. Oh well. If I did own one here are the more casual ways I would wear it.

Well, I hope you found spring wardrobe inspiration. I for one am glad to be able to bid my black and grey closet farewell and say hello to COLOR!

What are some of your favorite trends/pieces or what do you look forward to wearing the most this Spring and Summer?

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