Saturday, August 21, 2010

More Feeding Gear

A discovery I just had to share with you - SugarBooger's feeding gear! I saw their products at Isis earlier today and went crazy for it. I got the bib, sippy cup and placemat in the Robot design. Love it! Went online and saw they had even more just as adorable prints. So I loaded up on their bibs on sale. I know the online pictures probably don't do the real products any justice, but here is a glimpse of their playful designs:

Love the Robot theme, the orange highlights will go well with our new high chair.

Short side note. SugarBooger's dish sets are made out of melamine. I recall a few years ago that melamine in pet foods led to the death of hunderds of pets nationwide. So I did a quick research and gathered that melamine is "safe" as long as it isn't heated - heating causes it to release toxins that are harmful to ingest. I guess that explains why my mom stopped purchasing dishware made out of melamine decades ago. I guess my point in mentioning this is to stick with buying just the bibs from SugarBooger, just to be safe. I know I'll be returning the sippy cup, cute as it, can't have my son eating off of potentially harmful plates.

Feeding Gear

Now that Noah is eating we have stepped into the world of feeding gear - from futuristic high chairs to adorable bibs, it seems like there's no end to the options available out there.

I was deciding between the Bloom Fresco, Boon Flair, and the Svan Anka high chairs. My favorite design was probably the Bloom Fresco, but at a starting price of $400 I had to keep looking. Anka is a nice wood high chair, simple, but maybe too simple for the price tag of $170. Boon was a good alternative - still had the modern design, easy to clean, swivel wheels etc and I found it for the same price as the Anka. So the Boon Flair it was. I was thrilled when I received it in the mail, I set it up right away. Pretty simple installation process. Here is a pic of Noah enjoying it:

I have a good story to go with my Boon Flair purchase. Initially I had posted an ad on Craigslist to see if anyone was selling theirs used. A lady responded to me, I was giddy with excitement when she said she wanted to sell hers for only $25, and it was just purchased last year! I went and picked it up, it was in decent condition, just needed a bit of cleaning. I did just that when I brought it home. It looked brand new again, and then it occured to me that I could probably resell it for much more than what I paid. So I gave it a shot and posted it on CL for $130 and what do you know, the next morning a couple purchased it from me, no questions asked. So I made a $105 profit which I felt guilty about (I felt like I robbed the lady), but that soon went away when I used the money I made to buy the same chair brand new! Here is a pic of Noah sitting in the one that I sold.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Cant believe my last post was 10 months ago. How quickly time flies.

I am now mother to a beautiful 7 month old baby(?) boy. He's gotten so big, I dont know if I can call him baby anymore. We decided to name him Noah, some of you may recall us going back and forth between several names from Cruz to Turkish names I can't even remember. We chose Noah because I love the meaning of the name - peace or comfort - which is exactly what he brings us every moment of our lives.

It's amazing how quickly time flies, feels like just yesterday that I had him. He started crawling and even though he does it backwards it's still crawling :) We love that he's able to sit in a high chair and today we discovered that he's also able to sit in a shopping cart. Here is a picture of him at Nordstrom Rack sitting in a cart for the first time. Mommy is thrilled because he lasted in it longer than he would have if I had brought in the stroller.

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