Saturday, August 21, 2010

Feeding Gear

Now that Noah is eating we have stepped into the world of feeding gear - from futuristic high chairs to adorable bibs, it seems like there's no end to the options available out there.

I was deciding between the Bloom Fresco, Boon Flair, and the Svan Anka high chairs. My favorite design was probably the Bloom Fresco, but at a starting price of $400 I had to keep looking. Anka is a nice wood high chair, simple, but maybe too simple for the price tag of $170. Boon was a good alternative - still had the modern design, easy to clean, swivel wheels etc and I found it for the same price as the Anka. So the Boon Flair it was. I was thrilled when I received it in the mail, I set it up right away. Pretty simple installation process. Here is a pic of Noah enjoying it:

I have a good story to go with my Boon Flair purchase. Initially I had posted an ad on Craigslist to see if anyone was selling theirs used. A lady responded to me, I was giddy with excitement when she said she wanted to sell hers for only $25, and it was just purchased last year! I went and picked it up, it was in decent condition, just needed a bit of cleaning. I did just that when I brought it home. It looked brand new again, and then it occured to me that I could probably resell it for much more than what I paid. So I gave it a shot and posted it on CL for $130 and what do you know, the next morning a couple purchased it from me, no questions asked. So I made a $105 profit which I felt guilty about (I felt like I robbed the lady), but that soon went away when I used the money I made to buy the same chair brand new! Here is a pic of Noah sitting in the one that I sold.

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