Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Resurrection!

Hello! I know it's already March but since I've disappeared for a substantial number of months I first want to wish you a Happy 2012 and hope that your new year started on a high note!

I've been busy with quite a few activities while I was MIA. We did some traveling - we visited Copenhagen, Berlin and Cyprus for the first time, we re-visited Antalya (Mediteranean Coast in Turkey), and most recently we spent almost 2 months in the Philippines. I'll be sharing some of my favorite pictures from our vacations soon.

In between traveling I worked on some projects around our home so I currently have a backlog of DIY projects I'm eager to write about. The highlight is probably the completion of Noah's room. Well, there will always be something new that I want to do to the space, but I have to draw the line somewhere right? I'll be sharing pictures of his room with you in the next blog or two.

There so are many more projects, finds, inspiration that I cant wait to tell you about so I'll cut my first 2012 post short and get to the good stuff. Visit again in the next few days to see what's new.

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