Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Short getaway trip....

Sorry I haven't been posting for a while. We went away on vacation to Antalya, Turkey's Mediterranean coast. We caught up with my in-laws who were already there on vacation. I tell you, what a difference it is to have family around when you're on vacation - I actually got a break from my little darling. It was a short spur of the moment trip and boy are we glad we were spontaneous for once! Here are some pictures from our getaway.

~ A few hours after arriving we hit the beach ~

~ Building castles with his cousin ~
~ My little man got his first knee scratch at 1.5 yo! ~
~ He was all smiles the entire trip ~
~ Turtle sighting! ~

The highlights were the weather (90's F which I'd much rather than the 60's temperature that we returned to, wearing an extra layer at the end of June is not cool, no pun intended :)), watching Noah play in the sand was mesmerizing, and watching Noah having a blast with every family at the resort made me really happy. Hubby got a much needed break from work too. I think our only regret was not extending our trip! But that's okay because tomorrow we leave for Copenhagen and Berlin for another vacay. It'll be our first time visiting both cities. I'm most looking forward to trying local dishes and shopping!

I'll be away from my 'desk' on the 4th of July, I hope you guys enjoy your long weekend, I'll be missing Boston's 4th of July fireworks :( so for those of you who are in the city, enjoy it for me!

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