Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Magazine Files: Mediterranean Villa

The other day at the bookstore I picked up this month's UK edition of '25 Beautiful Homes' magazine. I was pleasantly surprised to see that one of the 25 homes featured is located along the mediterranean coast of Turkey (representing!). Very rarely are homes in this part of Europe featured in international shelter magazines so this is a big deal, for me anyway :)

Coincidentally, this villa is located in Kalkan, a vacation town I visited with the Mister a few years ago. According to the article Kalkan is supposedly the "Beverly Hills" of that part of the Mediterranean which I didn't know at the time I was there. I'll include my pictures from that my, but first I want to show you this villa.
This 8-bedroom home was built from scratch by a gentleman from the UK. It took 2 years to be completed because local restrictions prevented him from doing any construction work in the summer. Interesting fact. Of course my favorite thing about this place is the spectacular view of the turquoise water, or turkuaz as locals would say. Here are the photos of the villa and a glimpse of one of Turkey's many, many gorgeous summer destinations.

~ That view, that view, that view! A-mazing. On that note, I think I would have preferred to see glass balustrade to maximize on the view of the sea from those comfy looking lounge chairs ~

~ An infinity pool like the one above is definitely on my list for my future home ~

~ Doesn't that wood dining table adds some needed warmth to the space? ~
I love the villa's clean, fresh white interiors. It really allows you to focus on the highlight of the house - that sea view with mountainside backdrop.

~ Love the stainless steel appliances and the modern stools. Did you notice there's only one overhead cabinet? Tells me the owner doesn't use the kitchen frequently :) ~

~ The chandelier hanging in the stairwell is the most exquisite thing. The owner had it shipped from the UK~

~ Here's another space I wouldn't mind spending my days. It feels so cool and calming. Those beautiful marble floors and walls in the bathroom really do the job of adding texture to the space, not to mention it looks like it's worth a million dollars. ~

~ Another clever solution to add texture to a room - part plastered, part stone walls. It almost looks like it could be wallpaper doesn't it? ~

~ This room reminds me of a typical room at Turkish resorts. There's that view again! ~

~ Another guest room, I love the feminine accents ~
That concludes the tour of our Turkish Mediterranean villa. While its not furnished to my style, I appreciate the space and don't get me wrong, I would still stay here! It just so happens to be available for rent if anyone wants to split with us :)

And before I forget here are pictures from our trip to Kalkan in 2008. I forget the name of the hotel where we stayed, we were only there for 2 nights I think, we went with a tour group.

~ Just arrived at the hotel after an overnight bus ride to Kalkan ~

~ Lot's of cute vacation rentals in the area ~

~ View of the bay from a resto ~
~ Glimpse of town center which consists of mostly restos and souvernir shops. ~

~ Our last day ~

~ Leaving Kalkan ~


  1. gorgeous! one day you're taking me here :)

  2. those places look so glamurous! i like it so much


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