Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Seat Cover for Boys

A few months ago I met a mom and her son who is only a few months older than Noah. We became dear friends but sadly she is leaving the country for good. The other day I accompanied her shopping for a booster seat for her son to sit on in the plane. She found what she was looking for, it was light and compact, however it only came in pink and it was as girly as they come.

~ This is what we found but they sold out of the boy version and this was their last piece ~
So I offered to sew a more boyish looking cover thinking it would be easy to whip up. At first I was just going to sew together some left over fabric to go over the existing pink cover, but as I was working on it I decided to customize it a bit and add her son's intial to the cover.

After doing that I felt the blue needed to pop out more so I added some piping (it also hid all the messy seams, shhh ). It was my first time sewing piping, the idea sounded simple but the execution in the end could have been better. It was partly sewn in by hand and there was some gluing involved because I decided to add it in the end. Eek! Oh well, the cover is removable so no permanent damage done here. In the end I enjoyed doing it, am happy with the overall results, and for a first attempt by an amateur sewer its pretty good. Here's how it came out:

~ Not bad for a first try ~

~ And here is Noah testing it out for me to make sure the seams dont rip *grin* ~
I think this took  me 3 nights to do because I kept redoing some parts over and over again. I had been fantasizing about sewing slipcovers for our chairs and sofas, but seeing how I struggled so much with this 'simple' cover, I'm definitely going to think twice before attempting anything bigger in scale. Paying to get it done might be the better route :)

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  1. This looks awesome! You did a great job, I like the initial.

    Everything is better the second time you do it so next time you'll be a pro :)


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