Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Vacation, vacation, vacation!

The last week has been so hectic. Starting with the unpleasant - it started with a minor fender bender at a mall parking lot. Fortunately nothing happened to our brand new car and no one was hurt. The owner of the other car was talking on the phone during the accident and she continued talking for a good couple of minutes even after the collision as if nothing happened! Tsk tsk.

Then we found out our old washing machine was leaking to the floor below so we replaced it and upgraded to one with a higher capacity. Hooray to being able to wash more in one load. Makes such a difference in time efficiency.

On the brighter side our shipment finally arrived (yay!), so I've been busy unpacking and setting up our home. It's so nice to have Noah's things like his high chair, feeding gear, strollers etc. A little pat on the back for my packing skills - I shipped this Crate & Barrel dinnerware set and none of them broke, in fact all the breakables stayed intact!

Shipment aside, a few furniture pieces we  ordered online arrived as well so we've been frantically putting the furniture together so we would have additional storage space.

Last week came and went in the blink of an eye. Today we left for the Mediterranean coast. Up until the plane took off I was fantasizing about staying behind so I could finnish up my list of things to do before going on another trip in 2.5 weeks. But now that I'm here at this gorgeous resort and basking in 80s weather (high 20s in Celsius) I have no regrets.

We are staying at a seaside resort, our room has a stunning view of the Mediterranean and tonight I plan on falling asleep to the sound of waves crashing. Projects? Things to do? Psshh. Pure relaxation is my goal in the next few days.

This is the view from our room, unfortunately my camera phone doesn't do this place any justice.

Starting with our right side

I was trying to capture our view of the outdoor pool, lounge chairs by the beach and the dock. Too bad you can't tell from this picture.

Was impressed by the garden (background) on our way to the indoor pool.

Precious father-son pic at kiddy pool
The next few days are all about rest and relaxation.

Where is your favorite place to go for R&R?


  1. Darling, I'm sooooo jealous!!! I would kill for a little r&r right about now...April can't come soon enough!
    All this talk of new furniture makes me want to see your new pad! Once you get settled you need to post pics!
    Rest up and enjoy the beautiful weather! It's 48 degrees F in Boston :-)
    PS: LOOOVE the pick of M&N - so precious!

  2. Didn't know you were on vacay! No wonder you've been MIA. Looks amazing! And I agree with Sharon, M&N pic is too adorable.


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