Monday, November 8, 2010

Mommy & Baby Look: Sick n Shopping

Baby N and I have been sick for a week so sorry about the lack of posts.

I'm no professional fashion blogger but I do enjoy putting outfits together for Noah and I, and I love sharing them with you. Over the summer I found this Paul Frank shirt on sale for $4 and because it's a long sleeve shirt it's only been recently that Noah has been able to wear it. I love the painted on necktie and jacket with cute little buttons. Noah is also wearing a separate collared shirt underneath to give school boy outfit full effect - doesn't he look like a little man?

On Baby N: Petite Bateau white body suit with collar, Paul Frank necktie + jacket bodysuit, Old Navy v-neck sweater
On Momma N: J Crew scarf & sweater

Happy Monday!


  1. omg N is so modelesque in that second pic. campus crush in the making. love your scarf btw!

  2. That is so cute!!! He's adorable. :)


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