Sunday, September 19, 2010

Teething Tip for Moms

Here's an unexpected teether.

We were in a cab yesterday and Noah was being irritable due to his upper teeth coming in. The cab driver noticed and advised us to use the white parts of a scallion / spring onion to help ease the pain. Said it worked for his 3 daughters.

My husband wanted to try it but I was dubious. I wasn't about to traumatize my son by stuffing scallions in his mouth, and the truth is I don't want my baby smelling like green onions, who does?

Since we've heard the same tip from other parents I thought I would check online to verify. I wasn't able to find scientific proof that scallions have a natural pain-relieving effect, but I did come accross a few forums in which moms confirmed that it worked for their babies.

While I'm not prepared to let Noah gnaw on scallions, maybe other moms are more willing to try than me, or perhaps some of you have already tried it, and if you did, did it work on your baby?

What other remedies have you used to help ease the pain for your little one?

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