Saturday, September 18, 2010

Noah's Nursery

We've only just started apartment hunting but I'm already bursting with excitement for Noah's room. In our last apartment we shared our one bedroom with Noah. In our next apartment our baby will be getting his own room and I finally get the chance to decorate a nursery.

I've been pulling inspiration from different websites and TV shows. I love, love, love Sarah Richardson's HGTV show called "Sarah's House". In one of the seasons she designed a simple nursery and added visual interest by use of patterned fabrics.

I cannot express how much I am in love with this room. The furniture is simple, the color palette soothing, she manages to make all the magic happen with the combination of fun fabric patterns on the drapery, chairs and ottomans. Let me not forget to acknowledge the creative use of the alphabet on the walls and the split wall colors. I am almost tempted to duplicate this exact room, but that would be shameful considering my "design" background.

I'm going to continue pulling inspiration from other sources. My next target is to sift through Ohdeedoh's website (Apartment Therapy's sister site). I've already taken a sneak peak at the nursery tours and am already tickled with excitement. Noah's room, here I come!

What about you, if you could design a nursery what would it look like?


  1. is he gonna have a nursery in the new place?

  2. Yes he will, it'll also be a very comfortable guest room for when visitors come over... hint hint =)


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