Monday, September 3, 2012

My Summer 2012 Travel Diary: Paris Part 2

Welcome to the continuation of my Paris holiday, the first leg of summer travels. For Part I of my Paris trip please click here.

Where were we? Oh, on one of the days we took a cruise along the River Seine. It was a nice way to see the major sites without exhausting ourselves.

I took this same cruise with my husband after our wedding years ago. Funny to think that I've returned with a son in tow! 

During the cruise we passed Pont des Arts, a pedestrian bridge made out of metal. See all the padlocks attached to the railings? It's a tradition for lovers to wish for everlasting love by securing a padlock to the railing and throwing the keys in the water. I'm suprised there weren't any vendors selling locks nearby.

After the cruise I explored these stalls along Pont Neuf, the Seine's oldest (rebuilt) bridge. The vendors mostly sold vintage goods (books, magazines etc) and souvenirs. I ended up buying several fashion magazines (Circa 1920-40s) and vintage posters which I can't wait to frame.

While walking the streets of Paris one thing I kept admiring was the application of gold and bronze gilding on everything and anything possible.

It's as if they've adorned the city with jewelry.

How majestic is this?
It wasn't enough to have one winged horse dripping in gold, no, they had to have another one on the other side too.

I wasn't exaggerating when I said there was gold everywhere!
In fashion the French may be masters of understated elegance but when it comes to architecture "understated" it is not.

I also loved the random bursts of color in a sea of grey structures.

Another thing I appreciate is the attention to detail in the mundane things. Check out the beautiful carvings on this lamp post. Apparently the French left nothing untouched.

Paris was indeed a feast for the eyes. Even Noah agrees, here he is admiring Gucci's window display.
Uhh Noah, your taste is too expensive for a 2.5 yo. Plus, you need a job to buy those.
Speaking of window displays, I was amused by this storefront display on Rue de St. Honore.

The sheep was a witty way to represent Fall season/collection.
Now here is a feast in the literal sense.

Why wait in line for an iphone at the Apple Store when you can have these?
And that my friends concludes my Paris adventures. I hope you enjoyed looking at my pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them. If you couldn't get enough, visit soon for pictures from our next destination, Roma. Ciao!


  1. Can't wait to see your next leg of the trip! You're great at taking pics and I love all your descriptions. :-)

  2. Nowhere i've seen such uniquely trimmed trees along the Avenue des Champs Elysees... definitely defining the elegance of Paris et les Parisiens.


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